The Event

Responsive design has changed the web, from how we approach design and development to the way we consume information as users. Now a single site can accommodate any device or screen size, making your content available everywhere. It’s impacted how web professionals collaborate, and brought us a new set of rules for design, development, and user experience.

We’re interested in your stories: Trying new techniques? Got a presentation?

Share your experiences and learn from your peers at eCoast’s unconference. There’s nothing traditional about this event. The day-long summit will feature speakers, roundtable discussions, and informal chats with people like you, decided by you, all on the day of the event. Propose a topic you’d like to learn more about, a presentation you’d like to share, or a problem you can’t quite seem to solve. Be ready to talk, help others, and learn from the collective experiences of the professionals in the area.

How to unconference, ecoast style
8:00 am
  • Introductions of attendees, proposals of unconference talks, and voting on topics People
  • Two keynote speakers present Speakers
  • Announce schedule for the afternoon Megaphone
  • Lunch
  • Unconference afternoon schedule begins Speech Bubble
  • After Party/Networking Party
4:30 pm